The fundamental purpose of the QC Society of Italian Americans is to encourage, promote and preserve Italian culture and heritage with its activities centered upon Italian traditions, foods, language, culture, history, religion, folklore, customs, celebrations, music and family genealogy.


The QC Society of Italian Americans hold an annual pasta dinner fundraiser. This a team effort between the Society and the local Knights of Columbus council. Proceeds contribute to scholarship fund awarded.


The society holds a meeting once a month. In addition, we also have various activities throughout the year. Some recent events include our annual pasta dinner fundraiser, Labor Day Parade, picnic, Christmas party, and many day triips in our region to sample Italian cuisine and culture.

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Hello Fellow Society Members……

*  May God Bless you for support each year.  Let us continue to join together to laugh, and have fun as we share our heritage and our thoughts while helping our communities.  Thank you.


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  • Quite a bunch for our 2018 outing to Vinny Vanucci's in Glaena IL
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  • Labor Day 2017